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Metal Construction Solutions for Industry and the Energy System

Emeko is an advanced metal processing company specialising in the manufacture of boilers, economisers, flue gas treatment equipment, pressure vessels, tanks, and other steel products and metal structures. Emeko provides a full range of services: product design, detailed drawings and calculations, pressure vessel manufacture and supply, installation of automation and electricity panels, installation of pipelines, modular assembly, and performance of tests including non-destructive testing and cold start-up works.

Our strengths

Experience of many years

We have been designing, manufacturing and assembling industrial equipment for 10 years.

Engineering competences

Our engineering competences, design capacities and own process ensure high product quality, delivery on time and customer satisfaction.

Custom-made products

We design and manufacture custom-made metal structures tailored to the customer’s individual needs.


Our company seeks eco-efficiency and sustainability our products are energy-saving, operate on renewable fuels, treat flue gas etc.

Total volumes of metal construction products manufactured by the company


Pressure vessels and equipment


Industrial hot-water and steam boiler


Atmospheric tanks and silos


Products designed by the company

Product assortment

We manufacture a wide range of products and provide related services: designing, mechanical calculations, manufacturing drawings, installation of automation and electrical panels, installation and modular assembly of pipelines etc.

Equipment for boiler houses

Equipment for boiler houses, hot-water and steam boilers, economisers, chimneys, flue gas filters, conveyors, water preparation tanks etc.

Pressure equipment

Tanks, pipelines, expansion vessels, economisers, heat exchangers, filters etc.

Custom-made equipment

We design and manufacture non-standard metal structures tailored to the customer‘s individual needs for chemical industry, metallurgy, the energy sector etc.

Metalo apdirbimas_katilai_ekonomaizeriai_slėginiai indai_metalo konstrukcijos_Emeko

Emeko has manufactured equipment for over 70 boiler houses in Lithuania, Poland, Nordic countries and Western Europe

Business process

We organise, manage and participate in the entire production process – from generating ideas and designing to installation of the product at the place of its operation. We ensure smooth and efficient service provision process for our customers.






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