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Open door day for students at the Emeko factory

This school year, Grade 2 pupils of Panevezys gymnasium ‘Viltis’ take part in the creative team of the ‘Leaders Time 3’ project under the title ‘The Inter-Institutional Collaboration in the Development of Experienced-based Learning of STEAM Subjects’ and in the initiative ‘The lessons they are trying out in Panevėžys’ launched by the Panevezys Development Agency, a public institution. First of all, the second graders got acquainted virtually with Emeko’s operations, products, and projects, after which they visited the company on 1 October.

During the visit, the students were introduced to the structure of the company and people of various professions working there. They were shown the premises, equipment and raw materials (sheets, pipes, spheric bases) used for the product manufacture. They learnt about the metal processing line and the manufacture and export of boilers, economisers, chimneys, pressure vessels, tanks, and other steel products and metal structures. The students learned new terms and now know what rolling, pressing, automatic (robotic) welding, corrosion, and quality control are.

The curious second graders also found out about the classification and characteristics of metals, and what the most expensive metal is. They talked about which products made in the factory they have come across in real life etc. At the end of the excursion the students identified and reflected upon all the new information they have learnt, and they discussed what STEAM work they were going to do.


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