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Emeko UAB participated in the initiative: ‘The lessons they are trying out in Panevezys’

In this initiative, schoolteachers, in collaboration with the businesses in the city, create experience-based teaching scenarios for the students. The teaching content helps pupils to become familiar with the activities of the businesses; it allows students to learn about the businesses directly through offered experiences and tasks.

Emeko UAB collaborated with the Grade 2 pupils of Panevezys gymnasium ‘Viltis’. In the integrated activity: “How metal products are born?” The students got to know Emeko’s business, its activities and its products. While visiting the company, they analysed the production technology and where these products are used in real life.

The students’ aim was to create a sketch, a model, and a description of a functional product made of metal based on real-life examples. They took photographs of the objects made of metal found in the classroom and of the rusty items at home. Later they created sketches of a functional product, made models using secondary raw materials, and they wrote detailed descriptions of each product.

Emeko selected two product ideas created by the students, a clock and a weathervane, which they then made and gave to the school. The clock ticks in the Grade 2 students’ classroom, while the weathervane is installed at the entrance of the school. The CEO of the company awarded the young designers with the certificates for the models created.

It is great to collaborate with the educational institutions, see the potential of the young creators, and experience the desire to know more, learn, and create.



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